Notes from a really tiny island

Are we getting any warmer yet?

In terms of major kitchen appliances, we’ve agreed on a few things for The Home. But first, let’s talk about this Muji circulator fan.

Muji circulator fan, $139

We tried it out at a Muji Store. It’s so quiet! And the design is nice and minimalists too. Can we justify the $139 price tag for a fan with no remote and doesn’t auto-swivel? A very difficult decision to make! But knowing how we have a tendency to go for looks…

Panasonic Cuble? Say goodbye to your moneyzzz. And take off that top,” laughs Aloysius, his sister smiling in agreement as we earmarked $1899 or 33.3% of our entire budget for the kitchen to a washer-dryer.

On to other items. Tecno everything from oven to cooker top to hood. Reason? The minimalist design (here we go again with the aesthetics, haha).

The ovens with the “new door” are right up our alley. Love the handles too, in fact we can’t find another brand with handles that we like better than this.

TMO 28 and TMO 38 (with rotisserie function).

60 cm hoods.

Still debating on whether we’d go for a 30 cm cooktop with a single triple ring burner or a 60 cm one which, visually, will flush with the 60-cm oven and 60-cm extractor.

TA608TR doesn’t come with the cutout dimensions online, so I recreated it using the brochure specifications.
TA321TRSV 30 cm domino hob
ASL141X. Actual width is 91 cm, but recommended space is 1-metre, according to multiple salespersons.

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