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Doors to Our Heart

A glorious blue Dutch door opening to a mudroom, Good Housekeeping

Have you ever watched a TV show and fell totally in love with the set? Surely not an uncommon thing. The design for our home, or at least the master bedroom, takes its inspiration from The Netflix TV series “Master of None”, specifically the pair of folding French doors that links Dev’s bedroom to the living area. Yup, just the doors.

Dev’s NYC walk-up apartment in Master of None, Apartment Therapy Set Tour

One of the first things we decided on for our new house is to open up the master room by knocking down the partition walls, and have a pair of bi-fold French doors installed, looking into the kitchen. And then, maybe a pair of double Dutch doors on the other wall. It sounds and looks a bit crazy on paper. Because the master bedroom will be completely exposed to the living, dining and kitchen area but we love open concept living, and this will be open but not too open, you know what I’m saying? (cos you can close the doors)

Dutch doors are not popular here (there’s no use for these really, maybe at the stables?), so it’s a bit of a challenge trying to find a carpenter who knows what wer’re talking about. The name “dutch door” is usually met with a blank stare, followed by, “you mean French doors, ah?” No, ah!

Dutch doors or stable doors are doors that come with halves that can swing independently of each other or latched together to open/close as one. We love the ones with a 9-panel glass pane on top.

From The Inspired Room, which has an extensive write-up on Dutch doors
A prehung (already hanging in its frame) door, Rejuvenation
A charming barn style pink Dutch door, One Kings Lane
Prehung wood door with glass and brickmould, Home Depot

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