Notes from a really tiny island

A rice cooker, plus other hot picks for the home

You guys, our second purchase for The Home is this!

MAYER Le Viva 0.8L rice cooker

A small Mayer rice cooker. At this point I think we’ve thrown practicality out of the window, and just choosing things based on looks alone? But isn’t she a cutie? Her official name is Le Viva. We got Vivibaby (don’t judge) online thru Big Box. There will only be the two of us, and we don’t eat that much rice, so maybe it Vivibaby was the perfect choice? (Justification!)

Here are some other cool small kitchen items that caught our eye.


BALMUDA The Pot gooseneck electric kettle in black or white

Fellow STAGG

Fellow STAGG pour over kettle in matte black

This tea kettle with matching induction base

三界 tea kettle found on Taobao

Mi Jia rice cooker

Mi Jia smart rice cooker


Ikea TILLREDA portable induction cooker

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