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Refrigerators, and other cool things

One of the first things we did after getting our keys was to shop for appliance. Specifically for a refrigerator. I’m not sure what the other folks usually do first when presented with a totally unfinished house — look at tiles or speak to a contractor or ID maybe? — but this, apparently, is how we roll.

Look at all these options! Beko ASL141 series fridges in white, silver, black and stainless steel. 182H x 91W x 72D

It became evident quite early on that we would like a stainless steel side-by-side fridge, a.k.a. an impractically too-huge-for-our-tiny-kitchen “American” style fridge-freezer. We’re considering  the Beko ASL141 model which has the freezer on the left and fridge on the right. We’ve only ever seen it in silver and white though.

A side-by-side refrigerator or American style fridge by Electrolux

Question time To our American friends, did you know we call these fridges “American-style”? What do you call them back home? I saw on Youtube someone calling  a two-door fridge (the smaller top-bottom design we’re used to) a “half-fridge”. Is this a common term used for smaller fridges?

The rest of the world friends, what do you call a refrigerator with two doors side-by-side like the one below by Whirlpool?

All y’all, this here is what we call an American style fridge. Side-by-side by Whirlpool
Not American. A French door fridge by Fisher and Paykel

As we’re open to buying display sets (a display unit or a “floor model” for my stateside friends) as long as there are no dents, loose hinges or other major cosmetic defects (omg we so superficial!), our hunt entails actual trips to the ol’ Courts, Harvey Norman and the like to sniff out potential deals.

During the course of fridge shopping, I fell in love with the Panasonic Cuble washer-dryer.

Panasonic Washer Dryer NA-D106X1

OMG. Look at how pretty she is! So flat and cube-like. So unlike any other machines! But so expensive! *Cries in heartland budget*

A cute freestanding (countertop) dishwasher by Electrolux.

From what I know, most Singaporeans typically don’t have a dishwasher at home. We’re leaning towards no dishwashers as there’s only the two of us and we don’t really eat that much (seriously just twice a day, and mostly takeouts). Fellow Singaporeans, do you have a dishwasher at home?


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