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Occasional tables… will they fold?

Our first ever spend on The Home is this!

Courts BRISTOL, about SG$250*

Courts BRISTOL table with stools

A pair of BRISTOL table and stool sets that were on offer at Courts online. Yes, a pair. Meaning we have two of these. Two tables and four stools. We’ve been on the hunt for a side/occasional table solution for two years now! It has to be white/natural wood, preferably with storage, drop leaf is a plus. BRISTOL is as close to perfect as it gets in terms of affordability, looks and function.

*A few sets (maybe 6?) were on sale at Courts online for a very special price of $199 for something like 72 hours. We were debating on whether to get something we’ve never seen or tried in person but as luck would have it, we chanced upon the set at Courts HDB Hub and, after trying it out for a bit, we decided it’s a go. An order was placed for a Bristol set + a $1 light green vase (to make the $200 free delivery minimum, haha) that very night. Then, because our masterplan calls for two small tables for maximum flexibility, we ordered another set separately (because you can only order 1 item at a time during the sale period).

It’s no longer available in Courts last we checked, but it looks identical to the SIMEWOOD set, sold by Aino, a Malaysian furniture company.

Here are the also-rans:

Pottery Barn BALBOA, US$899

Pottery Barn BALBOA counter-height table with stools

Pros: pretty, counter-height, stainless steel top, drawers, built-in hooks, comes with a pair of stools
Cons: no drop-leave, expensive
Interestingness: bottle opener
Dealbreaker: not available for international shipping. After which we stopped lusting over anything Pottery Barn. *poutface*

Crate and Barrel SPAN, US$299

Crate and Barrel SPAN white gateleg dining table

Pros: folds down to a very compact size, easy to move around (handles), seats 4 comfortably.
Cons:  maybe a little wobbly? (we tried two different tables at the store — one in mint, the other, white) no storage.
Interestingness: looks like an unassuming white box when folded, blends into any decor setting basically.

Ikea NORDEN, US$199

Ikea NORDEN gateleg table with drawers

Pros: cheap, a trio of cute drawers, looks gorgeous when folded, seats 4 if you can navigate those legs.
those angled gatelegs (we are not a fan but some of you may see this as a great feature?).
Dealbreaker: those legs! Sorry Ikea, we love you, but this is just not for us.

Wow I just spent three hours of my life writing about tables.

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