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Space Planning A 90-Square Metre* Apartment

Anna and Bob. Just a bunch of rude people wearing shoes in our No Shoes in the House home. Rendered using Homestyler.

The planning for our home began in earnest sometime late 2016. We used a web-based program called Homestyler Floorplan by Autodesk. It wasn’t perfect (you can only use the furniture they have loaded in the system), but it was easy to pick up and worked well enough for our needs. We went through like 39 revisions to the plan before somewhat finalizing the design in early March this year. Then we had a lot of things going on on the health front that month, including a surgery so anything home-related consequently took a back seat.

Imagine my indignation when I logged back into the program in April only to find out that Autodesk was discontinuing Homestyler…





After a period of denial, then major frustration followed by two failed attempts at picking up SketchUp, I resigned. Let’s just do this the old fashioned way, by annotating printed floor plans, I announced, while foolishly never giving up hope on a Homestyler resuscitation (I visited the site every few days hoping for good news).

Autodesk never brought Homestyler back to life.


Except that that wasn’t the end of our home planning story!
In July, I found out that the web app is back, although under a different company, Easyhome. Thanks 12 immutable laws of the universe!

Check out our impractically designed home (click to embiggen):


You guys, the TV console is poking out of the walls because we couldn’t find a one that fits off the Homestyler catalog.

Master bed looking into the living room fully exposed with French doors on all sides! An entire wall of bookshelves! TV positioned off-centered against the Bomb Shelter wall. 6 Ikea ALEX drawer units on castors! 5 tables in two rooms! And just one cupboard for all of our clothes, oddly stationed in the Office!

*Meter? Metre? I have my system set up using US spellcheck (for work) despite UK English being the standard here in Singapore, so there will be a confusing mix of UK/US spelling strewn across this blog. I haven’t even started throwing Singlish into the mix yet!

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